Artventure™ Cultural Exhibition Experience

International Cultural Exhibition Experiences for Families, Students and Upscale Audiences.

Artventure™ Cultural Exhibition Experience is developing international cultural exhibition experience tours, which will travel to venues across the U.S.A., Europe and Asia.

Artventure Cultural Exhibition Experiences integrate historic treasures with contemporary fine art — traditional museum presentation — interactive entertainment technology — and live performance — all in a unique immersive architectural environment.

Each Artventure Cultural Exhibition Experience is developed for families, students and upscale audiences.

Artventure Cultural Exhibition Experience leases fine art from private collections and cultural museums — providing needed funds to participating non-profit, lending museums.

Each Artventure Cultural Exhibition Experience Host City Venue will gain significant secondary financial impact to their local economy from visitor expenditures in hotels, shopping and tourism.

Introducing Kingdom of the Horse™.

First Artventure Cultural Exhibition Experience is Kingdom of the Horse™. People love horses! Horses embody beauty, strength, romance, speed and freedom. They have always been a symbol of wealth, power and prestige. It would be impossible to think of development of our world’s cultures without the horse — it has had a profound impact upon the world’s civilizations. The horse has played a vital role in the culture of many peoples — and have served as our companions in exploration, agriculture, commerce, war, transportation, the arts, sports and recreation.

Kingdom of the Horse™ explores the beauty, history and inspiration of the horse. It chronicles the horse’s integral part in shaping cultures of Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and the Americas.

“Local Spotlight” on Horse History at each Venue.

Each Host City Venue on the Artventure Cultural Exhibition Experience Kingdom of the Horse™ Tour will feature a special exhibit highlighting how the “horse” has impacted the people who live there. Working with each regions’ historical institutions, Kingdom of the Horse will tell the story of the horse through art, artifacts, photographs, journals, history, culture and “memories” of the host city’s people, places and events.

Featuring Local Contemporary Master Artists & Artisans.

The historic art & artifacts exhibited in Kingdom of the Horse™ will be on loan from international museums and private collections. However, unique to other blockbuster exhibitions, the Artventure Cultural Exhibition Experience will also showcase international contemporary artists — many from each venue city’s region.

Educational Mission and Cultural Alliances.

Artventure Cultural Exhibition Experience is committed to accessibility to the arts, culture and education for all.

Artventure Cultural Exhibition Experience will produce ArtReach™, an outreach schools program designed to support each area’s education curriculum.

The Artventure Cultural Exhibiton Experience Education Foundation will assist in funding development and production of education programs, including “STEAM” (Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Math) Educational Content.

Product Position, Pricing and Marketing.

The “popular cultural subject-themes” of each Artventure Cultural Exhibition Experience appeal to a broad-based audience of adults, families, students and seniors.

General admission prices will be less than major second-tier U.S. destination attractions — and competitive with today’s museum-organized blockbuster tickets.

Revenue projections utilize statistics from decades of museum “blockbuster” art exhibitions and second-tier theme parks, attractions and location-based entertainment.

A “Perfect Storm” in Audience Demographics and Marketing Strategy.

The Artventure Cultural Exhibition Experience Kingdom of the Horse™ International Tour provides a “perfect storm” in audience demographics and marketing strategy. Unlike almost any other subject, the “theme of the horse” is an interest, and often a “passion” — to an almost perfect, constantly renewable, set of target audience marketing demographics, including:

  • Both Genders
  • Every Age Group — often spanning multiple generations in a family
  • Every Economic Level and Lifestyle
  • Every Continent
  • Every Culture and History

In addition, interest and passion in the subject of the “horse” is constant and renewable in the AVE target audience — and, is expandable — with interest in the “horse” instilled within family members and circles-of-friends as they mature — and passed on to next generations.

Access to the World’s Art Treasures is the “Inventory”.

Artventure Cultural Exhibition Experience will lease cultural treasures for each exhibition from private collectors and museums. The paramount axiom of Artventure Cultural Exhibition Experience is that — the integrity, security, conservation and well-being of the cultural art, the lending museum or private collector, must always come first.

To that end, Artventure Cultural Exhibition Experience is pledged to meet or exceed exhibition standards set forth by the American Association of Museums (AAM), Association of Science & Technology Centers (ASTC) and International Council of Museums (ICOM).

Principal Partners.

Jeffrey A. Dering and F. Steven Lewelling, Principal Partners of Artventure Cultural Exhibition Experience, are seasoned executives who have successfully capitalized, developed, designed, opened and operated international, multi-million-dollar cultural exhibitions and hospitality-entertainment experiences.

Jeffrey A. Dering

A former Museum Director for the National Geographic Society — Jeffrey Dering is an award-winning, pioneer in design, development and project management of Cultural Attractions, Exhibitions and Museums — and international expert in development, marketing and business management of Fine Art Asset Masterworks.

Creating innovative experiences to attract, educate, engage, entertain, inform and inspire — Mr. Dering has 40 years of experience as consultant to international institutions, such as NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex, Orlando Science Center, The Smithsonian Institution, The Vatican Museum and The State Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia — as well as, entertainment attraction developers, including Delaware North, ITEC Entertainment, Lewelling & Associates, Sea World of Florida, Universal Studios Florida and Walt Disney World’s EPCOT.

F. Steven Lewelling

Former Vice President of Operations for The Walt Disney Company — Steven Lewelling is an internationally recognized expert in development and operations of multi-million-dollar, mega-attractions and location-based entertainment venues.

Mr. Lewelling’s 45 years of experience includes 25-years with The Walt Disney Company directing the projects for Tokyo Disneyland, Paris Disneyland and Disneyland International — as well as projects for Universal Theme Park, Osaka, Japan.

Mr. Lewelling’s expertise is launching new projects — specializing in turning concepts into efficient and profitable operating businesses.

For Detailed Information, Please Contact:

Jeffrey A. Dering,
Principal, Dering Consultants
Phone: 941-232-3015

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